Cabrito - Das Lamm Satans

Eine surreale und kontroverse Reise in die dunkelsten Abgründe des Menschen

Cabrito - Das Lamm Satans
Hexerei, Kannibalismus und Religion ...

Split into three chapters, "Cabrito" tells the story of a man haunted by his loved ones. The film begins with the story of his father and how the family became cannibal. The second part focuses on his mother and how she awakens the worst in her son with her twisted religiousness. The last part is focused on the main character's final catharsis, when he kidnaps his first love, Rosalita, and reproduces the inhuman bizarre caring to which he was subjected in his family relations.


OT: Cabrito
Genre: Horror
Land: BRA
Jahr: 2020
Regie: Luciano de Azevedo
Darsteller: Iuri Alvarenga, Ramon Brant, Juliana Espíndola, Samir Hauaji, Fernanda Thuran
Drehbuch: Luciano de Azevedo
Produzent: Isabela Abreu, Juliana Espíndola
Kamera: Francisco Franco, Otavio Pupo, Luciano de Azevedo
Sound: Tiago Picado

SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantŕstic de Catalunya 2020
CineFantasy 2020
Macabro Film festival 2020